The Sudan Archaeological Research Society promotes the heritage and culture of Nubia, Sudan and South Sudan through fieldwork, lectures, publications, e-newsletters and its peer-reviewed journal Sudan & Nubia.
The Society was founded in 1991. With the support of and collaboration with the National Corporation of Antiquities Sudan, the Society has now worked with Sudan for over 20 years, under the Honorary Presidencies of Sir Lawrence Kirwan, Professor William Y. Adams, and now Dr Salaheldin Mohammed Ahmed.
The Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan together cover almost 2.6 million square kilometres. Within their borders lies a land of great diversity with a climate ranging from extreme desert conditions in the north to tropical rainforests in the southwest. It is equally diverse ethnically and culturally. For thousands of years, it has been a zone of contact between the peoples of Central Africa and those of Egypt and the Mediterranean world. The Society aims to expand knowledge and understanding of this important region and its unique heritage.
The Society has undertaken a wide range of archaeological surveys and excavations and has supported numerous other heritage projects with grants. Many were launched as rescue missions to record and preserve sites and monuments under threat from agricultural and urban expansion. The records from several of these excavations are now housed in the Society’s archive and may be publicly consulted. A key part of our programme is bringing such excavations to publication.
By joining the Society, you are supporting our diverse fieldwork and publication programme. Members receive an annual hardcopy of our Sudan & Nubia journal, as well as periodic e-newletters and access to discounted tickets for our biannual events. Members also receive discounts on image permissions from the archive and on the Society’s monographs.

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Statement concerning Sudan

The Sudan Archaeological Research Society is deeply concerned and saddened by the ongoing war in Sudan which began on 15 April 2023. We stand together with the Sudanese people who have been affected and are suffering as a result. There have been significant civilian casualties. The country’s infrastructure, institutions and cultural heritage are endangered and damaged by widespread armed conflict and instability. Our thoughts remain with the people of Sudan in the hope of a rapid return to peace and a better future.

The Society was founded to promote interest in Sudan’s cultural heritage and to raise awareness of its important place in the history of mankind. Since its inception, the Society, in collaboration with the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums Sudan, has engaged in projects that respond to threats posed to Sudan’s unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage through thousands of years of human history.

When safe to do so, the Society will continue to assist in providing a strategic and practical response to potential threats to heritage created by the present conflict situation. By focusing on immediate threats to heritage it is hoped that potential tragic losses for future generations may be mitigated.

Please keep the people of Sudan foremost in your thoughts.

Julie R. Anderson
Chair, Sudan Archaeological Research Society
Editor, Sudan & Nubia

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