Fieldwork in Sudan

The Society is committed to fieldwork and has undertaken a wide range of survey and excavation projects as well as supporting other work with small grants. All its projects are undertaken in consultation with, and with the full support of, the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) in Khartoum. We are most grateful to the Director General of NCAM and to all their staff for their unfailing support and assistance.

Funds to support this work are raised from a variety of sources, amongst whom the Society would especially like to thank the Institute for Bioarchaeology, the British Museum and the Society’s own patrons.

Our fieldwork locations

Fieldwork locations

Survey at the Fifth Nile Cataract Kawa Excavation Project Kurgus Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project Jebel Umm Rowag Bayuda Desert Survey Northern Dongola Reach Gabati Excavation Project Begrawiya to Atbara Survey

All enquiries should be directed to the Honorary Secretary.

Tel +44 (0)20 7323 8500

Fifth Cataract
Kawa Excavation Project
Merowe Dam Salvage
Jebel Umm Rowag
Bayuda Desert Survey
Northern Dongola Reach
Begrawiya to Atbara Survey