The W.Y. Adams Library

The core of the Society’s library is formed of the books and offprints once belonging to our first president, Sir Laurence Kirwan, and to our late Honorary President, Professor William Y. Adams. Amongst its most useful assets is a full run of Kush, the journal of the Sudan Antiquities Service, and many volumes of Sudan Notes and Records.

The main library is housed in the Society’s office in the Department of Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum in London. The Society also maintains a branch library within the office of the Section Française de la Direction des Antiquités du Soudan in the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums’ premises in Khartoum.

To visit the main library

The Society’s main library is available to members by prior appointment with the Honorary Secretary. To consult the catalogue online visit the British Museum Library.

Tel +44 (0)20 7323 8500

Iron production and the Kingdom of Kush An introduction to UCL Qatar’s research in Sudan
by Humphris, J. and T. Rehren, 2014
Arabic trans. … DOWNLOAD … PDF in Arabic [ 1.1Mb ]
Sudan’s First Railway The Gordon Relief Expedition and The Dongola Campaign
by D. A. Welsby with contributions by I. Welsby Sjöström, Mahmoud Suleiman Bashiir and J. Joyce
DOWNLOAD … PDF in English [ 9.2Mb ]
The Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2011
168 pages (digital version), 6 tables, 47 figures, 173 colour and 19 b&w plates
… ISBN 978 1 901169 1 89

Begun in 1875 by the Egyptian khedive, Ismail Pasha, the railway played an important role during the Gordon Relief Expedition of 1884-5 and Kitchener’s Dongola Campaign in 1896. It was abandoned and cannibalised to build other railways in Sudan during the first decade of the 20th century. For much of its course it runs through the desert and in those areas the roadbed, the associated military installations and the innumerable construction camps are extremely well preserved. This book is the result of a photographic survey of these installations together with the detailed archaeological surveys undertaken within them. A report on the artefacts, which includes personal equipment, ammunition, fragments of rolling stock, bottles, tins and ceramics, completes the volume.

The Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia, 1963-69 The Pharaonic Sites
by David N. Edwards, Anthony J. Mills, 2020
Contributions by Lauriane Mielle, W. Vivian Davies
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Travelling the Korosko Road Archaeological Exploration in Sudan’s Eastern Desert
edited by W. Vivian Davies, Derek A. Welsby, 2020
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Down to Earth Archaeology
by W. Y. Adams, 2022
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Archaeology by the Fourth Nile Cataract Survey and Excavations on the left bank of the river and on the islands between Amri and Kirbekan, Volume I
by Derek A. Welsby, 2023
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Gematon: Living and Dying in a Kushite Town on the Nile, Volume I Excavations at Kawa, 1997-2018
by Derek A. Welsby, 2023
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Gematon: Living and Dying in a Kushite Town on the Nile, Volume III The Pottery
by I. Welsby-Sjöström, 2023
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