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Sudan & Nubia is published annually. It contains much of interest on recent archaeological fieldwork in Sudan, including many articles on recently undertaken surveys and excavations. It is an ideal way to keep abreast of current archaeological activities in the country and is profusely illustrated with colour photographs, maps and line drawings.

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Normally, a year following the journal’s release, it is placed online. All back issues are available online, open access. Individual articles may be downloaded from the links below.

Sudan \& Nubia No.1 Sudan & Nubia : No. 1
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 1997

50 pages, ISSN 1369-5770



Alexander, J. Qalat Sai, the most Southerly Ottoman Fortress in Africadownload [ 3.2Mb ] or read >
Cowell, J. Napatan Period Metalwork: Further Analysesdownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Mallinson, M. Preliminary Report: SARS Survey From Omdurman To Gabolab 1997download [ 3.1Mb ] or read >
Spencer, P. Amara West: Capital Of Egyptian Kushdownload [ 3.8Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. and Welsby Sjöström, I. (pottery) The Northern Dongola Reach Survey: The 1996/7 Season. Excavations at Sites O16, P1, P4 and P37download [ 5.3Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. Recent Fieldwork At Musawwarat Es Sufradownload [ 6.2Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.2 Sudan & Nubia : No. 2
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 1998

90 pages



Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed. A preliminary note on a rescue excavation at el-Zeidabdownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Davies, W.V. New fieldwork at Kurgus: The Pharaonic inscriptionsdownload [ 5.8Mb ] or read >
Mamoud el-Tayeb. The Fourth Cataract archaeological survey project, Kareima – Abu Hamed Sectiondownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Keding, B. The Yellow Nile: new data on settlement and the environment in the Sudanese Eastern Saharadownload [ 4.8Mb ] or read >
Macklin, M. and J. Woodward. Alluvial architecture and luminescence dating of Holocene palaeochannels in the Northern Dongola Reach of the Niledownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Mallinson, M. SARS Survey from Omdurman to Gabolab 1997: The surveydownload [ 6.9Mb ] or read >
Rose, P. Excavations at Qasr Ibrim: Qasr Ibrim 1998download [ 6.3Mb ] or read >
Ruffle, J. Lord Prudhoe and his lionsdownload [ 3.9Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Survey and excavations at Kawa, the 1997/8 seasondownload [ 4.1Mb ] or read >
Żurawski, B. Pliny’s ‘Tergedum’ discovereddownload [ 3.7Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.3 Sudan & Nubia : No. 3
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 1999

94 pages



Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed. Two Seasons in the Fourth Cataract Region. Preliminary Resultsdownload [ 3.2Mb ] or read >
Alexander, J. A New Hilltop Cemetery and Temple of the Meroitic and Post-Meroitic Period at Qasr Ibrimdownload [ 4.3Mb ] or read >
Anderson, J. Monastic Lifestyles of the Nubian Desert: Seeking the Mysterious Monks of Makuriadownload [ 5Mb ] or read >
Gratien , B. Some Rural Settlements at Gism el-Arba in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Harrell, J. Ancient Stone Quarries at the Third and Fourth Nile Cataracts, Northern Sudandownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Judd, M. Written in Bone: Daily Living during the Kerma Perioddownload [ 3.1Mb ] or read >
Salah Eldin Mohammed Ahmed. The Napato-Meroitic Remains at Kermadownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Shaw, I. and Bloxam. E. Survey and Excavation at the Ancient Pharaonic Gneiss Quarrying Site of Gebel el-Asr, Lower Nubiadownload [ 3.4Mb ] or read >
Sjöström, I. W. An Early 20th Century Egyptologist in the Sudan: the Travels of F. W. Greendownload [ 3.2Mb ] or read >
Treves, R., Macklin, M. and Woodward. J. Remote Sensing of Palaeochannels in the Northern Dongola Reach of the Niledownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Vincentelli, I. Two New Kingdom Tombs at Napatadownload [ 3.5Mb ] or read >
Wardley, K. and Davies. V. A New Statue of the Kushite Perioddownload [ 2.1Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.4 Sudan & Nubia : No. 4
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2000

82 pages


Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed. Rescue Excavations at Soba Eastdownload [ 3.6Mb ] or read >
Edwards, D.N. and Ali Osman. The Archaeology of Arduan Island – the Mahas Survey 2000download [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Hinkel, F.W. The Royal Pyramids of Meroe. Architecture, Construction and Reconstruction of a Sacred Landscapedownload [ 4Mb ] or read >
Intisar Soghayroun El-Zein. The Archaeology of the Early Islamic Period in the Republic of Sudandownload [ 2.8Mb ] or read >
Muhammad Jalal Hashim and Bell, H. Reconstructing Patterns of Settlement in the Mahas: Evidence from Language and Place-namesdownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Rose, P.J. Excavations at Qasr Ibrim in 2000download [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Salah Omer Elsadig. The Domed Tombs of the Eastern Sudandownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Amri to Kirbekan Survey 1999download [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Kawa Excavation Projectdownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Yousif M. El-Amin and Edwards, D.N. Archaeological Survey in the Fifth Cataract Regiondownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.5 Sudan & Nubia : No. 5
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2001

108 pages


Davies, V. Kurgus 2000: The Egyptian Inscriptionsdownload [ 3.9Mb ] or read >
Edwards, D.N. The Christianisation of Nubia: some archaeological pointersdownload [ 977k ] or read >
Friedman, R. Nubians at Hierakonpolis: Excavations in the Nubian Cemeteriesdownload [ 2.4Mb ] or read >
Fuller, D.Q. and Edwards, D.N. Medieval Plant Economy in Middle Nubia: Preliminary Archaeobotanical Evidence from Nauridownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Judd, M. Palaeotrauma: a profile of personal injury during the Kerma Perioddownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Reinold, J. Kadruka and the Neolithic in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.8Mb ] or read >
Salvatori, S. and Usai, D. First Season of Excavation at R12, a Late Neolithic Cemetery in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Sjöström, I. W. Excavations at Kurgus: The 2000 Season Resultsdownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D. A. Excavations within the Pharaonic and Kushite site at Kawa and its hinterland, 2000-2001
download [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Wenig, S. Musawwarat es-Sufra: Interpreting the Great Enclosuredownload [ 3.4Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.6 Sudan & Nubia : No. 6
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2002

90 pages


Barnard, H. Eastern Desert Ware, a first introductiondownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Bell, H. and Muhammad Jalal Hashim. Does Aten Live On in Kawa (Kówwa)?download [ 2.4Mb ] or read >
Bonnet, C. The 2001-2002 Season of Excavation at Kerma: a summarydownload [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Gatto, M.C. Ceramic Traditions and Cultural Territories: the “Nubian Group” in Prehistorydownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Khider Adam Eisa. Archaeological Discoveries along the East Bank of the White Nile, 1997-2000download [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug A. Ali. Preliminary Report on Rescue Excavations at Akaddownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Ossama A.W. Abdel Meguid. Old Nubian Houses of Sehel Islanddownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Raue, D. Nubians on Elephantine Islanddownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Salvatori, S. and Usai, D. The Second Excavation Season at R12, a Late Neolithic Cemetery in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Spencer, P. Publishing Amara West: a progress reportdownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Storemyr, P., Bloxam, E., Heldal, T. and Abdou Salem. Survey at Chephren’s Quarry, Gebel el-Asr, Lower Nubia: 2002download [ 3.9Mb ] or read >
Usai, D. and Salvatori, S. The Is.I.A.O. el-Salha Archaeological Projectdownload [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Kushite Town and Cemetery at Kawa, the 2001-2002 seasondownload [ 3.1Mb ] or read >
Żurawski, B. Survey and Excavations between Old Dongola and ez-Zumadownload [ 4Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.7 Sudan & Nubia : No. 7
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2003

104 pages


Abdel Rahman Ali Mohamed. The Blue Nile Archaeological Salvage Project: Amara el-Nasridownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Borcowski, Z. The Work of the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum Expedition in the Sudandownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Bradley, R. Painted Plaster Murals from Meroe Townsite
download [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Castiglioni, A. and A. Pharaonic Inscriptions along the Eastern Desert Routes in Sudandownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Davies, V. Kurgus 2002: the inscriptions and rock-drawingsdownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Davies, V. Kush in Egypt: a new historical inscriptiondownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Fernández, V.M. An Archaeological Exploration of the Blue Nile in January-February 2000download [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Gasse, A. and Rondot, V. The Egyptian Conquest and Administration of Nubia during the New Kingdom: the testimony of the Sehel rock-inscriptionsdownload [ 2.4Mb ] or read >
Geus, F. and Lecointe, Y. Survey and Excavation at el-Multaga, a Resettlement Area related to the Construction of the Merowe Dam: preliminary resultsdownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Ghanim Wahida and Abdelrahim M. Khabir. Erkowit, a Neolithic Site in the Red Sea Hills (Sudan): interim report on the potterydownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Kotosowska, E., Mahmoud el-Tayeb and Paner, H. Old Kush in the Fourth Cataract Regiondownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Paner, H. Archaeological Survey on the Right Bank of the Nile between Karima and Abu Hamed: a brief overviewdownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Salah Mohamed Ahmed. Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project (MDASP)download [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Salah Omer Elsadig. List of Archaeological Mission Activities in Sudan between 1934 and 1984download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Scheibner, T. New Investigations into the Water Supply at Musawwarat es-Sufra: results from the 2002 seasondownload [ 3.6Mb ] or read >
Sjöström, I.W. Kurgus 2002: report on the archaeological workdownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Amri to Kirbekan Survey: the 2002-2003 Seasondownload [ 2.4Mb ] or read >
Wendorf, F. Forty Years of Archaeological Research in Sudanese and Egyptian Nubiadownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.8 Sudan & Nubia : No. 8
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2004

110 pages


Adams, W.Y. Site 6-G-9 and the Problem of Early Kushite Settlement in Lower Nubiadownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Davies, W.V. Jebel Dosha: The Egyptian Inscriptionsdownload [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Friedman, R. The Nubian Cemetery at Hierakonpolis, Egypt.
The Results of the 2003 Season
download [ 3.5Mb ] or read >
Fuller, D.Q. Early Kushite Agriculture: Archaeobotanical Evidence from Kawadownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Fuller, D.Q. The Central Amri to Kirbekan Surveydownload [ 4Mb ] or read >
Garcea, E.A.A. Two different pottery productions in Northern Sudandownload [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Honegger, M. Settlement and cemeteries of the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic at el-Barga (Kerma Region)download [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Honegger, M. The Pre-Kerma: a culture group from Upper Nubia prior to the Kerma civilisationdownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Judd, M. Gabati: Health in Transition
download [ 846k ] or read >
Mallinson, M. Suakin 2003/4download [ 2Mb ] or read >
Manzo, A. Late Antiquity Evidence in Eastern Sudandownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Salvatori, S. and Usai, D. Cemetery R12 and a possible periodisation of the Nubian Neolithic
download [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Hidden Treasures of Lake Nubiadownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The SARS Amri to Kirbekan Survey. Excavations at the pyramid, Site 4-F-71download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. The SARS Anglo-German Expedition at the Fourth Cataract of the Nile: the 2003/04 seasondownload [ 3.6Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.9 Sudan & Nubia : No. 9
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2005

96 pages


Azhari Mustafa Sadig. Es-Sour: A Late Neolithic Site near Meroedownload [ 1Mb ] or read >
Carpio, G. and Guillen, S. Excavations at Site 3-J-23, et-Tereifdownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Edwards, D.N. Looking into the Past – the SARS photographic archivedownload [ 835k ] or read >
Gatto, M.C. Nubians in Egypt: Survey in the Aswan-Kom Ombo Regiondownload [ 828k ] or read >
Grzymski, K. Meroe, the Capital of Kush: Old Problems and New Discoveriesdownload [ 3.4Mb ] or read >
Kleinitz, C and Olsson, C. Christian period rock art landscapes in the Fourth Cataract region: the Dar el-Arab and et-Tereif rock art surveysdownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Lenoble, P and Ahmed Sokari. A forgotten Meroitic agglomeration in the region of Meroe: el-Muweis (NE-36-0 / 8-H-2)download [ 965k ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug and Tsakos, A. A preliminary report of rescue excavations at Akad: the 2004 season
download [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Payne, J. Excavation of the Late Kushite and Medieval settlement on Umm Muridownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Sourouzian, H and Stadelmann, R. Recent Discoveries and new Southern Place Names at the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III, Kom el-Hettândownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Survey in the vicinity of ed-Doma (AKSE), 2004-2005download [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Welsh, F. Architecture of the modern houses at the Fourth Cataractdownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. and Nowotnick, U. The Second Season of the SARS Anglo-German Expedition to the Fourth Cataractdownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.10 Sudan & Nubia : No. 10
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2006

120 pages


Anderson, J. and Salah Mohamed Ahmed. Bread Moulds and ‘Throne Halls”: Recent Discoveries in the Amun Temple Precinct at Dangeildownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Baily, D.M. Antaios the Great and Antaios the God, or how could the Greeks have got it so wrong? A statuette in the Nubian Museum: a case of understated syncretisdownload [ 800k ] or read >
Bell, H. Paradise Lost: Nubia before the 1964 Exodusdownload [ 5.1Mb ] or read >
Edwards, D.N. Drawings on rocks: the most enduring monuments of Middle Nubiadownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Ginns, A. Preliminary report on the excavations conducted on Mis Island (AKSC), 2005-2006download [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Jesse, F. Cattle, sherds and mighty walls – the Wadi Hower from Neolithic to Kushite timesdownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Kleinitz, C. and Koenitz, R. Fourth Nile Cataract petroglyphs in context: the ed-Doma and Dirbi rock-art surveydownload [ 3Mb ] or read >
Manzo, A. Apedemak and Dionysos. Further remarks on the “Cult of the grape” in Kushdownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug Abd el-Rahman. El-Frai: a new Meroitic habitation site in ed-Damerdownload [ 1Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug Abd el-Rahman. Gheresli: a post-Meroitic activity centre in the Blue Nile region
download [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Pluskota, K. Bir Nurayet – the Rock Art Gallery of the Red Sea Hillsdownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Excavations in the vicinity of ed-Doma (AKSE), 2005-2006download [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Wilkins, A., Barnard, H. and Rose, P.J. Roman Artillery Balls from Qasr Ibrim, Egyptdownload [ 6.2Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. and Nowotnick, U. The Third Season of the SARS Anglo-German Expedition to the Fourth Cataract of the Niledownload [ 4.9Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.11 Sudan & Nubia : No. 11
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2007

140 pages


Adams, W.Y. A Century of Archaeological Salvage, 1907-2007download [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Anderson, J.R., D’Andrea, A.C., Logan, A. and Salah Mohamed Ahmed. Bread Moulds from the Amun Temple at Dangeil, Nile State – an Addendumdownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Friedman, R. The Nubian Cemetery at Hierakonpolis, Egypt. Results of the 2007 Seasondownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Ginns, A. Preliminary Report on the Second Season of Excavations Conducted on Mis Island (AKSC)download [ 2.8Mb ] or read >
Jakob, T. The Value and Future Potential of Human Skeletal Remains Excavated at the Fourth Cataract
download [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Kendall, T. and Wolf, P. Excavations in the Palace of Aspelta at Jebel Barkal, March 2007download [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Keown-Boyd, H. Victorian Gunboats in the 21st Century
download [ 1.8Mb ] or read >
Kleinitz, C. Rock art and archaeology: the Hadiab Survey
download [ 3.7Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Rescue Excavation of a Late-Meroitic Tomb at Botri, South of Khartoum. Preliminary Reportdownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug, Yassin M. Saeed and Tsakos, A. Akad Excavation Reportdownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Miller, E., Rose, P. and Singleton, D. The Taharqo wall painting rescue projectdownload [ 4.8Mb ] or read >
Skinner, L. A visit to a traditional leather tannery in Central Sudandownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Smith, S.T. Death at Tombos: Pyramids, Iron and the Rise of the Napatan Dynastyndownload [ 6.5Mb ] or read >
Taylor, H. and Bieniada, M. Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Nuba Mountains, Sudandownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Tesch, P. The Sultan Ali Dinar Museum, el-Fasher. A window on Darfur’s historydownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Survey and excavations in the vicinity of ed-Doma (AKSE) and et-Tereif (AKSCW), 2006-2007
download [ 3.5Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. and Nowotnick, U. The 4th Season of the SARS Anglo-German Expedition to the Fourth Nile Cataract
download [ 4.7Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.12 Sudan & Nubia : No. 12
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2008

90 pages


Anderson, J.R. and Salah Mohamed Ahmed. The Kushite Kiosk of Dangeil and Other Recent Discoveries
download [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Azhari Mustafa Sadig. Pottery from the Neolithic site of es-Sour (Central Sudan)download [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Buad, M. The Meroitic royal city of Muweis: first steps into an urban settlement of riverine Upper Nubiadownload [ 4Mb ] or read >
Burlak, S.A. Meroitic and Tocharian – from the point of view of a Tocharianistdownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Carrano, J., Ferguson, J.R., Girty, G.H., Smith, S.T. and Carrano, C.J. A Chemical and Mineralogical Comparison of Nubian and Egyptian Style Ceramics and the Implications for Culture Contact: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Davies, W.V. Tombos and the Viceroy Inebny / Amenemnekhudownload [ 3.6Mb ] or read >
Grzymski, K. and Grzymska, I. Excavations in Palace M 750S at Meroedownload [ 1.8Mb ] or read >
Intisar Soghayroun Elzein. The Archaeological and Cultural Survey of the Northern Dongola Reach, Western bank,
from el-Khandaq to Hannek. First Season Report 2007
download [ 2Mb ] or read >
Jesse, F. North of the Lower Wadi Howar – A first reconnaissance in the area between Jebel Abyad and the Nile Valleydownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Rilly, C. The Linguistic Position of Meroitic. New Perspectives for Understanding the Textsdownload [ 3.5Mb ] or read >
Thomas, R. The origin and use of ceramics on the islands of Mis and Umm Muri, in the Late Meroitic to Christian periodsndownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Northern Dongola Reach Survey. Excavations at Kawa, 2007-8download [ 2Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Wadi Halfa to Kerma Railway, Survey February 2008download [ 3.3Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.13 Sudan & Nubia : No. 13
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2009

132 pages


Anderson, J.R. and Salah eldin Mohamed Ahmed. What are these doing here above the Fifth Cataract?!! Napatan royal statues at Dangeildownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Baćs, T.A. A name with three (?) orthographies: The case of the ‘king’s son, overseer of southern foreign lands, Penre’download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Brass, M. Towards an archaeology of social organisation at Jebel Moya, 5th – 1st millennium BCdownload [ 726k ] or read >
Davies, V. The British Museum epigraphic survey at Tombos: the stela of Usersatet and Hekaemsasen
download [ 1.6Mb ] or read >
Doyen, F. The New Kingdom Town on Sai Island (Northern Sudan)download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Francigny, F. The Meroitic Necropolises of Sai Islanddownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Hagen, J.L. Districts, towns and other locations of medieval Nubia and Egypt, mentioned in the Coptic and Old Nubian texts from Qasr Ibrimdownload [ 614k ] or read >
Huber, R. and Edwards, D.N. Gebel Adda 1963 and Meroitic stela G19download [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Jesse, F. and Peters, R. Petroglyphs under the sand – A preliminary report on the field season 2008/09 at the fortress Gala Abu Ahmeddownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Kendall, T. Talatat Architecture at Jebel Barkal: Report of the NCAM Mission 2008-2009download [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Mason, R.B.J. and Grzymski, K. Petrography of Pottery from Meroe, Sudandownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug Abdelrahman. Akad Rescue Project Season 2008download [ 897k ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug Abdelrahman, Ahmed Sokary and Murtada Bushara. Shuhada Rescue Archaeological Project (SRAP) and el-Misaktab in the Shendi regiondownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Spence, K., Rose, P., Bunbury, J., Clapham, A., Collet, P., Smith, G. and Soderberg, N. Fieldwork at Sesebi, 2009download [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Spencer, N. Cemeteries and a late Ramesside suburb at Amara Westdownload [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Houses and Pyramids at Kawa, excavations 2008-9download [ 1.4Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.14 Sudan & Nubia : No. 14
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2010

116 pages


Anderson, J.R. and Salah eldin Mohamed Ahmed. Ethnoarchaeology and post-holes: building a Bisharin housedownload [ 5.2Mb ] or read >
Binder, M., Spencer, N. and Millet, M. Cemetery D at Amara West: the Ramesside Period and its aftermathdownload [ 5.4Mb ] or read >
Francigny, V. The Meroitic Necropolises of Sai Islanddownload [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Godlewski, W. Dongola after the 2008-2010 Seasons: Royalty, Saints and Blessed Bishopsdownload [ 3.6Mb ] or read >
Huber, R. and Edwards, D.N. Gebel Abba Cemetery One, 1963. Post-medieval reuse of X-Group tumulidownload [ 2.2Mb ] or read >
Intisar Soghayroun el-Zein. Qasr Wad Nimeiri and its Qubbasdownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud el-Tayeb. The Post-Meroitic from Kirwan to the Presentdownload [ 3Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud Suleiman Bashir. A Recently Discovered Meroitic Cemetery at Berber, River Nile State, Sudan. Preliminary Reportdownload [ 2.4Mb ] or read >
Rilly, C. and Francigny, V. Excavations at Sedeinga. A New Startdownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Sjöström, I. W. Golden Accessories: a link to the outside world from the pyramid at site 4-F-71 (Fourth Cataract, SARS Concession)download [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Spencer, N. Nubian architecture in an Egyptian town? Building E12.11 at Amara Westdownload [ 3.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Excavations at Kawa, 2009-10download [ 5.4Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.15 Sudan & Nubia : No. 15
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2011

156 pages


Adams, W.Y. The Sudan Archaeological Research Society – An Anniversary Tributedownload [ 880k ] or read >
Anderson, J.R. and Salah eldin Mohamed Ahmed. Dangeil 2010: Meroitic Wall Paintings Unearthed and Conservation Strategies Considereddownload [ 2.9Mb ] or read >
Binder, M. The 10th-9th century BC – New Evidence from the Cemetery C of Amara Westdownload [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Budka, J. The New Kingdom at Sai Island: preliminary results based on the pottery analysis (4th Season 2010)download [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Hallof, J. A Meroitic offering table from Maharraka – Found, recorded, lost or not?download [ 524k ] or read >
Howeida M. Adams and Abdelrahim M. Khabir. Pottery from Sites Surveyed in Sodari District, Kordofan Province. An Interim Report 2008-2009download [ 755k ] or read >
Intisar Soghayroun Elzein. The archaeological and cultural survey of the Dongola Reach, west bank from el-Khandaq to Hannekdownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Kroeper, K. Rediscovery of the Kushite site – Naga, 15 years of excavation (1995-2010). Surprises and Innovationsdownload [ 3.4Mb ] or read >
Longa, A. Neolithic beakers from North-Eastern Africadownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud el-Tayeb and Czyżewska, E. Early Makuria Research Project. Excavations at ez-Zuma. The Third Season, Jan.-Feb. 2009download [ 3.2Mb ] or read >
McGregor, A. Palaces in the Mountains: An Introduction to the Archaeological Heritage of the Sultanate of Darfurdownload [ 2.7Mb ] or read >
Mohamed Faroug Abd el-Rahman. A preliminary report on mortuary practices and social hierarchy in Akad cemeterydownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Rilly, C. and Francigny, V. The Late Meroitic Cemetery at Sedeinga. Campaign 2010download [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Rose, P.J. Qasr Ibrim: The last 3000 yearsdownload [ 973k ] or read >
Sjöström, I.W. and Thomas, R. The Kushite Pottery Sequence at Kawa: Parallels at Home and Abroaddownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
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Welsby, D.A. Excavations at Kawa, 2010-11download [ 7.3Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.16 Sudan & Nubia : No. 16
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2012

168 pages


Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed. Quarrying for the King – the Sources of Stone for Kushite Royal Monumentsdownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Ahmed Hamid Nassr Hamd. Qalaat Shanan: a large Neolithic site in Shendi towndownload [ 853k ] or read >
Anderson, J., Salah Mohamed Ahmed and Sweek, T. Meroitic Building Techniques: a few observations from Dangeildownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Davies, V. Merymose and others at Tombosdownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
M. Drzewiecki and T, Stępnik. Fortresses of Sudan Project. Abu Sideir case studydownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Flache, M. The round structures of Gala Abu Ahmed fortress in lower Wadi Howar, Sudandownload [ 905k ] or read >
Francigny, V. Preparing for the afterlife in the provinces of Meroedownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Gascoigne, A.L. and Rose, P.J. The forts of Hisn al-Bab and the First Cataract Frontier from the 5th to 12th centuries ADdownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Huber, R and Edwards, D.A. Gebel Adda Cemeteries 3 and 4 (1963-1964)download [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Lohwasser, A. A Survey in the Western Bayuda: The Wadi Adu Dom Itinerary Project (W.A.D.I.)download [ 1.8Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Murtada Bushara Mohamed and Mohammed Saad Abdalah. Rosieres Dam Heightening Archaeological Salvage Project. The Excavations at Azaza Site ROSE 5, Preliminary Reportdownload [ 2Mb ] or read >
Munro, R.N., Mohammed Abdel Mahmoud Ibrahim, Hussien Abuzied and Babiker el-Hassan. Aeolian sand landforms in parts of the Sudan and Nubia. Origins and impacts on past and present land usedownload [ 1.9Mb ] or read >
Rilly, C. and Francigny, V. Excavations of the French Archaeological Mission in Sedeinga, 2011 seasondownload [ 947k ] or read >
Spencer, N., Macklin, M. and Woodward, J. Re-assessing the abandonment of Amara West: the impact of a changing Nile?download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Stevenson, A. Social Complexity Set in Stone? The A-Group Site of Afyehdownload [ 695k ] or read >
Suková, L. and Varadzin, L. Preliminary report on the exploration of Jebel Sabaloka (West Bank), 2009-2012download [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Kerma Ancien cemetery at site H29 in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 2.6Mb ] or read >
Yahia Fadl Tahir. The Archaeological, Ethnographical and Ecological Project of El-Ga’ab Basin Western Dongola Reach: A Report on the First Season 2009download [ 2Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.17 Sudan & Nubia : No. 17
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2013

160 pages


Abdelrahaman Ibrahim Saeed Ali. The Archaeology of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Fortress at Tinare in the Northern El-Mahasdownload [ 877k ] or read >
Adams, W.Y. From Nubia to Arizona — and Back; or, Reisner Comes Homedownload [ 779k ] or read >
Ahmed Hussein Abdel Rahman Adam. Archaeological Survey of Aba Island: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 1Mb ] or read >
Anderson, J. and Salah Mohamed Ahmed. Dangeil 2012: Sacred Ram – Avatar of the God Amundownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Azhari Mustafa Sadig. Lithic Material from the Late Neolithic Site of es-Sour, Central Sudandownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Bárta, M., Suková, L. and Brôna, V. The Latest Explorations at Usli, Northern Provincedownload [ 848k ] or read >
Brand, M. Dangeil, A Preliminary Report on the Petrographydownload [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Drzewiecki, M. and Maliński, P. Jawgul – A Village Between Towersdownload [ 931k ] or read >
Edwards, D.N. and Mills, A.J. ‘Pharaonic’ Sites in the Batn el-Hajar – the ‘Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia’ Revisiteddownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Emberling, G. and Dann, R.J. et al. New Excavation at El-Kurru: Beyond the Napatan Royal Cemetery
download [ 1.6Mb ] or read >
Green, S. Creating a Virtual Reconstruction of the Seti I Inscriptions at Jebel Doshadownload [ 975k ] or read >
Jesse, F. et al. Archaeobotanical Investigations at the Gala Abu Ahmed Fortress in Lower Wadi Howar, Northern Sudandownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Nada Babiker Mohammed Ibrahim. Archaeological Survey in El-Metemma Areadownload [ 878k ] or read >
Mahmoud Suleiman Bashir. A Third Season of Rescue Excavations in the Meroitic Cemetery at Berber, October 2012: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 997k ] or read >
Murtada Bushara Mohamed, Mohammed Saad Abdalah, Sami Elamien Mohammed and Zaki aldien Mahmoud. Upper Atbara Setiet Dam Archaeoloigal Salvage Project (ASDASP), the Rescue Excavation Results on the Western Bank of the Atbara: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Rilly, C. and Francigny, V. Sedeinga 2012: A Season of Unexpected Discoveriesdownload [ 893k ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. Surveys at the Fifth Cataract and on the Sudan Military Railway and excavations at Kawa, 2012-13download [ 1Mb ] or read >
Yahia Fadl Tahir. Archaeological, Ethnographical and Ecological Project of El-Ga’ab Basin in Western Dongola: A Report of the Second Season 2010download [ 976k ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.18 Sudan & Nubia : No. 18
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2014

180 pages


Anderson, J.R., Mahmoud Suliman Bashir and Salah Mohamed Ahmed. Dangeil 2013-14: porches, ovens and a glimpse undergrounddownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Bangsgaard, P. Animal Deposits at H29, a Kerma Ancient cemetery in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.5Mb ] or read >
Davies, M. Archaeology in South Sudan past and present: Gordon’s fort at Laboré and other sites of interestdownload [ 2.5Mb ] or read >
Davies, V.W. From Halfa to Kareima: F. W. Green in Sudandownload [ 2.1Mb ] or read >
Davies, W.V., Ruffieux, P. and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. The Korosko Road Projectdownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Haddon, S.D. and Nicholas, M..The 2014 season of excavations at Kurgusdownload [ 2.3Mb ] or read >
Humphris, J. Post-Meroitic Iron Production: initial results and interpretationsdownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Kleintz, C. The graffiti of Musawwarat es-Sufra: current research on historic inscriptions, images and markings at the Great Enclosuredownload [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. QSAP Dam-Debba Archaeological Survey Project (DDASP). Preliminary report on the NCAM mission’s first season, 2013-2014download [ 1.4Mb ] or read >
Murtada Bushara Mohamed, Gamal Gaffar Abbass Elhassan, Mohammed Fath Elrahman Ahmed and Alrashed Mohammed Ibrahem Ahmed. Kerma in Napata: a new discovery of Kerma graves in the Napatan region (Magashi village)download [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Onderka, P. Wad ben Naga: a history of the sitedownload [ 1.6Mb ] or read >
Pieri, A. The Kushite cemetery of Dangeil (WTC): preliminary analyses of the human remainsdownload [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Sj¨str¨m, I.W. Kurgus 2012: report on the survey
download [ 1.3Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. and R.I. Thomas. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project in the Northern Dongala Reachdownload [ 3.1Mb ] or read >
P. Wolf, U. Nowotnick and F. W¨ß. Meroitic Hamadab – a century after its discoverydownload [ 3.1Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.19 Sudan & Nubia : No. 19
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2015

188 pages


Anderson, J.R., Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Rihab Khidir elRasheed and Maillot, S. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project at Dangeildownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Brass, M. Results from the re-investigation of Henry Wellcome’s 1911-14 excavations at Jebel Moyadownload [ 938k ] or read >
Budka, J. The Pharaonic town on Sai Island and its role in the urban landscape of New Kingdom Kush
download [ 1Mb ] or read >
Emberling, G., Dann, R.J., Abbas Sidahmed Mohamed-Ali et al. In a Royal Cemetery of Kush: Archaeological Investigations at El-Kurru, Northern Sudan, 2014-15download [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet. QSAP Dam-Debba Archaeological Survey Project (DDASP). Preliminary Results of the second seasondownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Ginns, A. The 2015 Season of Excavation at Kurgusdownload [ 1.7Mb ] or read >
Harrell, J.A., and Mittelstaedt, R.E. Newly Discovered Middle Kingdom Forts in Lower Nubiadownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Hosfield, R., White, K. and Drake, N. Middle Stone Age and Early Holocene Archaeology in Central Sudan: The Wadi Muqadam Geoarchaeological Surveydownload [ 1.1Mb ] or read >
Ikram Madani, Yahia F. Tahir and Hamad M. Hamdeen. Plant Macro-remains Recovered from El-Hamra Christian Complex Excavation in El-Ga’ab Depression, Sudan
download [ 800k ] or read >
Jesse, F., Gradel, C. and Derrien, F. Archaeology at Selima Oasis, Northern Sudan-recent researchdownload [ 1Mb ] or read >
Kleinitz, C., Till, R. and Baker, B.J. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project – Archaeology and acoustics of rock gongs in the ASU BONE concession above the Fourth Nile Cataract, Sudan: a preliminary reportdownload [ 950k ] or read >
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir and David, R. The Meroitic Cemetery at Berber. Recent Fieldwork and Discussion on Internal Chronologydownload [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Maillot, M. The Meroitic Palace and Royal City
download [ 1.2Mb ] or read >
Welsby, D.A. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project-Excavations and other activities at Kawa in the 2014-15 seasondownload [ 3.8Mb ] or read >
Wolf, P. Palaeo-Environment of the Meroe Region
download [ 1.6Mb ] or read >
Yellin, J.W. Meroitic royal chronology: the conflict with Rome and its aftermathdownload [ 1.8Mb ] or read >

Sudan \& Nubia No.20 Sudan & Nubia : No. 20
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2016

180 pages

Ahmed Hamid Nassr. Sennar Capital of Islamic Culture 2017 Project. Preliminary results of archaeological surveys in Sennar East and Sabaloka East (Archaeology Department of Al-Neelain University concessions)download [ 658k ]
Anderson, J., Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Amani Nureldaim Mohamed and Elghazafi Yousif Eshag. Royal Regalia: a sword of the last Sultan of Darfur, Ali Dinardownload [ 441k ]
Cressent, M., and Raimon, A. Inscriptions in the name of governor Neby revealed by the restoration of miniature metal vases
download [ 563k ]
Dann, R.J., and Emberling, G. El-Kurru 2015-16: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 855k ]
Davies, W.V. Recording Jebel Dosha: the chapel of Thutmose IIIdownload [ 752k ]
Davies, W.V. The Inscriptions of Senwosret III at the Dal Cataractdownload [ 421k ]
Davies, W.V. SARS, from inception to the present day: a summarydownload [ 127k ]
Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet and Abdelhai Abdelsawi. Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Survey of Sennar State and the Southern Gezira State Project, (Western bank of the Blue Nile)download [ 629k ]
Ginns, A. The 2016 Season of Excavations at Kurgus
download [ 420k ]
Grzymski, K. Kirwan Memorial Lecture: Gebel Adda Excavations: The Unfinished Storydownload [ 225k ]
Huber, R., and Edwards, D.N. Gebel Adda and its environs: 50 years ondownload [ 2.3Mb ]
Mahmoud el-Tayeb, Skowronska, E., and Czyzewska, E. Early Makuria Research Project. The Results of Three Seasons of Excavation at El-Zuma Cemetery, 2013, 2014 and 2015
download [ 2.2Mb ]
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Excavations in the Meroitic Cemetery at Berber, Seasons 2015 and 2016download [ 299k ]
Reidel, A., Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Wolf, P., Murtada Bushara Mohamed, and Kleinitz, C. The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan – Archaeological Investigation, Conservation and Site Management at Meroe 2015/2016download [ 818k ]
Sakamoto, T. The Meroitic Cemetery of Gereif East. A glance into the regional characteristics of Khartoum province
download [ 4Mb ]
Tucker, G., and Emberling, G. Settlement in the Heartland of Napatan Kush: Preliminary Results of Magnetic Gradiometry at El-Kurru, Jebel Barkal and Sanamdownload [ 540k ]
Ward, C. Durham University’s Sudan Archive – An overlooked resource in current archaeological research?download [ 980k ]
Welsby, D.A. The Sudan Archaeological Research Society; the first 25 yearsdownload [ 406k ]
Yvanez, E. Textiles and Funerary Rituals. The Wrapping of Offerings at Meroe and el-Hobagidownload [ 636k ]
Zurawski, B. Filling in the gaps. Excavations on the site of Selib (1st to 13th century)download [ 1.4Mb ]

Sudan \& Nubia No.21 Sudan & Nubia : No. 21
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2017

222 pages
Cover, index, map, obituaries, reviewsdownload [ 1.2Mb ]

Anderson, Julie R., Rihab Khidir elRasheed and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. QSAP Dangeil 2016: Aspelta, Beloved of Re’-Harakhty and Tombs in the Templedownload [ 596k ]
Baker, Brenda J., and Schellinger, M. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project — Fourth Cataract. Preliminary Investigation of a Recently Discovered Fort in the ASU BONE Concession near el-Qinifab, Sudandownload [ 496k ]
Budka, Julia. The 18th Dynasty on Sai Island — new data from excavations in the town area and cemetery SAC5
download [ 603k ]
Danys, Katarzyna and Zielinska, Dobrochna. Alwan art. Towards an insight into the aesthetics of the Kingdom of Alwa through the painted pottery decorationdownload [ 979k ]
Davies, W. Vivian. Recording Egyptian rock-inscriptions at Jebel Dosha and in the Batn el-Hajar, the 2016 season
download [ 792k ]
Fantusati, Eugenio and Baldi, Marco. SARS, from inception to the present day: a summarydownload [ 127k ]
Fulcher, Kate. Evidence for the use of madder as a pigment in Nubiadownload [ 256k ]
Ginns, Andrew and Vlemincq-Mendieta, Tatiana. Excavations within the Kushite Cemetery at Kawa: The excavations and grave inventory; Bioarchaeological analysisdownload [ 470k ]
Grzymski, Krzysztof. The Amun Temple at Meroe Revisiteddownload [ 920k ]
Haaland, Randi. Kirwan Memorial Lecture: Nile Valley archaeology and Darfur ethnography: the impact of women on cultural evolution. A personal reflectiondownload [ 1.1Mb ]
Knoblauch, Christian and Bestock, Laurel. Evolving Communities: The Egyptian fortress on Uronarti in the Late Middle Kingdomdownload [ 683k ]
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Archaeological Survey along the Berber-Suakin Caravan Route: Preliminary Report
download [ 463k ]
Manzo, Andrea. The Territorial Expanse of the Pan-Grave culture thirty years laterdownload [ 606k ]
McLean, Iain. Human intervention in the landscape through ancient mining: a regional study applying satellite imagery
download [ 1Mb ]
Murtada Bushara, Mohamed Saad AbdAllah and Mohmoud Suliman Bashir. Between Napata and Meroe: a newly discovered cemetery at Enapis (TARP) in the Middle Nile region
download [ 359k ]
Näser, Claudia; Weschenfelder, Jens; Janotte, Lilli; Kossatz, Kay; and Osman Khaleel Elawad Karrar. Return to the Fourth Nile Cataract: Fieldwork on Sherari Island, 2016download [ 634k ]
Perna, Valentina. Gergaf Pottery (16th-18th century AD). A Typologydownload [ 861k ]
Varadzinová, Lenka and Varadzin, Ladislav. Sabaloka (West Bank) Research Project: Exploration of the site of Sphinx (SBK.W-60): findings of the 2014 and 2015 field seasonsdownload [ 1.3Mb ]
Welsby Sjöström, Isabella. El-Khandaq — the town in the light of some Western pre-modern sourcesdownload [ 346k ]
Yahia Fadl Tahir, Huda Abdalla Khalid, Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen and Fatma Idris Mahmoud. Bone Harpoons Recovered from El-Ga’ab Depression Western Sahara (Sudan): Shape Attributes and Morphometric Analysisdownload [ 334k ]
Zach, Michael H. A Remark on the ‘Akinidad’ Stela REM 1003 (British Museum EA 1650)download [ 307k ]

Sudan \& Nubia No.22 Sudan & Nubia : No. 22
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2018

201 pages
Cover, index, map, obituaries, reviewsdownload [ 965k ]

Ahmed Hamid Nassr, Hassan Mustafa Alkhidir and Modather Abdalla Jadain. Prehistoric investigations during the 2017 archaeological survey of the EDAR Project in the Eastern Desert along the Lower Atbara, Sudandownload [ 800k ]
Anderson, Julie R., Rihab Khidir elRasheed and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project — Drones and Doors. Dangeil 2017-18download [ 570k ]
Bradshaw, R. Fāida shenū? (What is the benefit?): A framework for evaluating the economic impacts of archaeological employmentdownload [ 380k ]
Brass, Michael; Adam, Adam H.; Fuller, Dorian Q.; Stevens, Chris; Fakri Hassan; Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin, Iwona; Rayan Mahjoub Jarelnabi Abdallah; Osman Khalil Alawad; Ammar Awad Mohamed Abdalla; Wellings, Joss; and Ali Mohamed Abdelrahman. First season of the UCL – UoK – NCAM Expedition to the Southern Gezira (Sudan): Jebel Moyadownload [ 326k ]
Davies, W. Vivian. Egyptian rock-inscriptions at Tombos and the Dal Cataract: the epigraphic survey, season 2017download [ 1.2Mb ]
Drzewiecki, Mariusz; Cedro, Aneta; Ryndziewicz, Robert; Elmontaser Dafaalla Mohamed Elamin Elmoubark; and Rączkowski, Włodzimierz. Forts of North Omdurman: First season of fieldwork in Hosh el-Kab and Abu Nafisadownload [ 820k ]
Gibbs, Kevin. The Pottery from J. Desmond Clark’s 1973 Excavations at Jebel Moyadownload [ 690k ]
Ginns, Andrew. The 2018 Season of Excavations at Kurgusdownload [ 330k ]
Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen, Ikram Madani and Yahia Fadl Tahir. Positive casts of wheat and barley on a fired-mud basin from the Christian site MRB-05-001 at El-Mirebiet oasis in El-Ga’ab Depression, Western Dongola, Sudandownload [ 315k ]
Howley, Kathryn. Return to Taharqo’s Temple at Sanam: the inaugural field season of the Sanam Temple Projectdownload [ 510k ]
Ille, Enrico. Anthony John Arkell as Commissioner for Archaeology and Anthropology (1939-1948). A look into an early experiment with interdisciplinary administration
download [ 280k ]
Mohamed Saad Abdalah. Preliminary report on the excavations in Kwieka cemetery (KWC) — seasons 2016 and 2018
download [ 480k ]
Mohammed Alfatih Hayati Abdellah Altayib. Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Work in the Central Gezira: First Seasondownload [ 360k ]
Murtada Bushara Mohamed and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan. Re-opening the Burial Chambers of Beg. N.9: Preliminary Reportdownload [ 400k ]
Murtada Bushara Mohamed. The Northern Cemetery of Sanam at Et-Tameer, third excavation season (April-June 2018)download [ 424k ]
Nuha Abdel Hafiz Abdel Aziz. An Ethnoarchaeological Approach to Interpreting the Graffiti at Musawwarat es-Sufradownload [ 1.8Mb ]
Obluski, Artur. El-Ghazali — a royal monastery in Northern Sudan?download [ 910k ]
Rilly, Claude and Francigny, Vincent. Closer to the Ancestors. Excavations of the French Mission in Sedeinga 2013-2017download [ 730k ]
Rilly, Claude. The QSAP Programme on the Temple of Queen Tiye in Sedeingadownload [ 930k ]
Welsby, Derek A. Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project. Excavations and other activities at Kawa — the 2017-18 seasondownload [ 1.1Mb ]
Wolf, Pawel; Riedel, Alexandra; Mahmoud Suliman Bashir; Yellin, Janice W.; Hallof, Jochen; and Bü̈chner, Saska. The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan — Fieldwork at the Meroe Royal Cemeteries — A Progress reportdownload [ 950k ]
Zach, Michael H. Rediscovered, a ‘Lost’ Meroitic Object: The Hamadab Liondownload [ 306k ]

Sudan \& Nubia No.23 Sudan & Nubia : No. 23
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2019

222 pages
Cover, index, map, obituaries, reviewsdownload [ 4.8Mb ]

Mona Abdeen, Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen, and Ali Osman Mohamed Salih. Tethering Stones from the Eastern Bank of the Third Cataract Region, Northern Sudandownload [ 2.5Mb ]
Abdelhai Abdelsawi. Dam-Debba Archaeological Survey Project (QSAP 14): Five seasons of archaeological activitiesdownload [ 6Mb ]
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmageed. NAPD excavation, Hosh al-Kafir 2014-2018download [ 3Mb ]
Julie R. Anderson, Francesca Guiducci, Roksana Hajduga, Mahmoud Suleiman Bashir and Rihab Khidir elRasheed. QSAP: Dangeil 2018-19 Conservation challenges and an ever-expanding sacred landscapedownload [ 2.7mb ]
Mohamed Bashir. Kedurma: The University of Khartoum Project, 2017-2018download [ 2.3Mb ]
Henry Bishop-Wright. Reconsidering the Lower Nubian ‘Wine-Presses’ and their Leonine Spoutsdownload [ 4.4Mb ]
Charles Bonnet and Séverine Marchi. The Egyptian occupation and the indigenous city of Dokki Gel in the early 18th dynastydownload [ 7.7Mb ]
Charles Bonnet. A New Architecture at Dokki Gel/Kerma. A Response to ‘A forest or a jungle of columns?”download [ 7.3Mb ]
Julia Budka, with contributions by Giulia D’Ercole, Cajetan Geiger, Veronica Hinterhuber and Marion Scheibecker. Towards Middle Nile Biographies: The Munich University Attab to Ferka Survey project 2018/2019download [ 3.5Mb ]
Julien Cooper and Dorian Vanhulle. Boats and Routes: New Rock Art in the Atbai Desertdownload [ 2.8Mb ]
Pearce Paul Creasman. Excavations at a Rock-Cut Tomb at Difoi (Third Cataract) with an early Meroitic Graffito
download [ 7.3Mb ]
Vivian Davies. Egyptian rock-inscriptions at Tombos, Debba and Sabu: the epigraphic survey, Season 2018download [ 4.5Mb ]
Marilyn Deegan. Sudan Memory: conserving and promoting Sudanese cultural and documentary heritagedownload [ 7.9Mb ]
Gregory Tucker, Irene Vincentelli and Geoff Emberling. Defining a City in Napatan Kush: Geophysical Prospection at Sanamdownload [ 4.6Mb ]
Tomomi Fushiya and Katarzyna Radziwiłko. Old Dongola Community Engagement Project: Preliminary report from the first seasondownload [ 4.9Mb ]
Loretta Kilroe. H25 2019 — the ceramicsdownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Karla Kroeper. Temple 1200 — Lion Temple 2 at Nagadownload [ 5.8Mb ]
Olivier Langlois, Gilles Durrenmath, Lamya Khalidi, Hisham Khidir Ahmed Karrar, Lucie Cez, Lionel Gourichon, Hassimi Sambo and Charlotte Pruvost. Chronicle of a destruction foretold: a belated reassessment of the preservation status of Neolithic habitation sites in the Kadruka concession (Northern Dongola Reach, Sudan)download [ 4.2Mb ]
Marcel Marée. The Circulating Artefacts project: a platform against the looting and trafficking of illicit antiquitiesdownload [ 1.2Mb ]
Pierre Meyrat. Catching the King’s eye — New joins for two statues from the Dokki Gel cachedownload [ 3.1Mb ]
Ahmed Hamid Nassr. Tumulus archaeology at Sabaloka East, Central Sudan. Excavation of site SP29 (el-Kiniasat)download [ 6.6Mb ]
Nuha Abdel Hafiz Abdel Aziz. New Perspectives on Meroitic subsistence and settlement patterns: an ethnoarchaeological study of contemporary Naqa societydownload [ 2.7Mb ]
Stephen Porter. Excavations at H25 in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 4.1Mb ]
Tsubasa Sakamoto and Kyoko Yamahana. Nubian Materials in the Collection of Tokai University, Japandownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Pascal Sellier, Louiza Aoudia, Emma Maines and Phillippe Chambon. A Neolithic Burial ground from Upper Nubia as seen from recent work at Kadruka 23 (KDK23)download [ 4.7Mb ]
Chloë Ward. Archaeology in Durham University’s Sudan Archive)download [ 4.2Mb ]
Derek A. Welsby. A forest or a jungle of columns? An aspect of architecture in the Kerma and Kushite periodsdownload [ 5.7Mb ]

Sudan \& Nubia No.24 Sudan & Nubia : No. 24
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2020

222 pages
Cover, map, index, end papersdownload [ 2.7Mb ]
Obituariesdownload [ 1.1Mb ]

Yann Ardagna and Marc Maillot. The palace of Muweis and its Medieval necropolisdownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Mohamed Bashir. Kedurma: a Meroitic regional administrative town north of the Third Cataractdownload [ 2.1Mb ]
Laurel Bestock and Christian Knoblauch. Leather, mud and grain: the 2018 excavations in Uronarti Fortressdownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Amanuel Beyin, Abubakr Abdelrahman Adam, Ahmed Alhaj O. Balela and Boshra Abdella Adem. Results of a second season of Paleolithic survey in the Agig area: the Red Sea region of the Sudandownload [ 5.8mb ]
Julia Budka. Kerma presence at Ginis East: the 2020 season of the Munich University Attab to Ferka Survey Projectdownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Gabrielle Choimet. The Meroitic settlement at Damboya: preliminary resultsdownload [ 2.1Mb ]
Nadine DieuDonnéGlad, Charlène Bouchaud, Dominique Gemehl, Samuel Guérin, Marie Millet and Antoine Zazzo. Iron craftsmanship in Muweis, a town of the Meroe Empire: metal production and smithingdownload [ 2.6Mb ]
Mariusz Drzewiecki, Robert Ryndziewicz, Joanna A. Ciesielska, Tomasz Michalik, Maciej Kurcz, Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska and Rajaa Alamein Adam. New fieldwork at Soba East (2019-2020 season)download [ 2.4Mb ]
Fakhri Hassan Abdallah. An archaeological survey of Gadarif State (Eastern Sudan) from 2006-2013download [ 4.8Mb ]
Serge Feneuille. Renders of the Amun Temple Complex in el-Hassa: practices, pigments and painting methodsdownload [ 2.3Mb ]
Gilda Ferrandino and Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei. Potential Old Nubian cognates for Meroitic aleqese
download [ 909k ]
Kathryn Howley. New discoveries at Sanam Temple and its surroundings: Sanam Temple Project, 2019-2020download [ 2.5Mb ]
Francesca Iannarilli. Natakamani and the bronze oil lamp. Some evidence of metallurgy from Jebel Barkaldownload [ 1.3Mb ]
Eleanora Kormysheva. The lion temple at Abu Erteiladownload [ 5.3Mb ]
Adam Łajtar. Literacy in Christian Nubia: perspectives from the Polish mission in Dongoladownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Marc Maillot. The archaeological site of Damboya in the Shendi reach. First seasondownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Michael Mallinson, Helen Mallinson, Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Ghalia Gar al-Nabi and Iglal Mohamed Osman el-Malik. Western Sudan Community Museum (WSCM) — British Council Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport — the story so fardownload [ 2.8Mb ]
Liliane Mann and Ben van den Bercken. Shokan. Revival of a forgotten villagedownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Elizabeth Minor, Sarah M. Schellinger, Christopher Sevara, Ahmed El-Ameen Ahmed El-Hassan (Sokhari) and Sajda Adam Omer Ahmed. Laying the groundwork: 2020 survey season and community outreach programme at the Kerma Period settlement site es-Selim R4 in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Claire Nicholas. Reflections on lost traditions since the 1960s Nubian diasporadownload [ 633k ]
Federica Pancin. Meroitic painted decoration at Jebel Barkal: the external façades of Palace B1500download [ 1.7Mb ]
Alexandra J. Ptacek and Brenda J. Baker. Incorporation of faunal remains in Kerma to Napatan Period burials from the ASU BONE concession between the Fourth and Fifth Cataractsdownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Claude Rilly, Vincent Francigny and Romain David. Collective graves and ba-statues. The 2018 and 2019 campaigns at Sedeingadownload [ 4.1Mb ]
Tsubasa Sakamoto. Christianising a Nubian landscape: a chronology of Post-Meroitic goblets from the Dal Cataractdownload [ 952k ]
Lucy Skinner. Flocks and herds: animal skin and hide exploitation for the manufacture of Nubian leatherdownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Yahia Fadl Tahir. Cairns and below: the el-Ga’ab Depression, Western Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Elsa Yvanez. Building textile archaeology in ancient Sudan. The example of the TexMeroe Projectdownload [ 1.4Mb ]

Sudan and Nubia No 25 Sudan & Nubia : No. 25
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2021

243 pages
Cover, map, index, book reviews, end papersdownload [ 1.9Mb ]
Obituariesdownload [ 954k ]

Abdelrahman Ibrahim Said. The archaeological and heritage survey of the Northern el-Mahas region. First season’s report (2020)download [ 2.4Mb ]
Gabrielle Choimet. Building E at Damboya, second seasondownload [ 5.7Mb ]
Julien Cooper. Goldmines, nomad camps, and cemeteries: The 2018 season of the Atbai Survey Projectdownload [ 1.4mb ]
W. Vivian Davies. An inscribed basin of the 18th dynasty (reign of Amenhotep III) from the fortress of Shalfak in Lower Nubiadownload [ 1.5Mb ]
Fakhri Hassan Abdallah, Romain David and Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin. Archaeological report on the excavation of a post-Meroitic necropolis at el-Madanab (Shahid Rescue Archaeological Project)download [ 2.1Mb ]
Tomomi Fushiya. Dialogue Community Project in Old Dongola (2019-2021)download [ 3.9Mb ]
Enrico Giancristofaro. Jebel Hawrā, a new archaeological site in Eastern Sudandownload [ 4Mb ]
Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen, Altayeb Abdalla Hassbrabo, Safa Gamal Idres, Samar Salah Mustafa and Fatima Idris Mahmoud. Preliminary report for the Western Desert of the Third Cataract Region Project (Wadi Gorgod — first season 2018-2019)
download [ 1.8Mb ]
Tim Karberg and Angelika Lohwasser. Wadi Abu Dom investigations: El Rum Oasisdownload [ 5.6Mb ]
Peter Bille Larsen. From development displacement and salvage archaeology in Nubia to inclusive sustainable heritage and development crafting in Old Dongoladownload [ 2.8Mb ]
Manuela Lehmann. Angareeb-bed production in modern Nubia: Documenting a dying craft traditiondownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Marc Maillot. The archaeological site of Damboya in the Shendi Reach. Second seasondownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Artur Obłuski and Dorota Dzierbicka. Starting anew at Old Dongoladownload [ 790k ]
Emma L. W. Phillips, Joel D. Irish and Daniel Antoine. Dental insights into the biological affinities of the inhabitants of Gabati over a period of cultural transitiondownload [ 2.4Mb ]
Philippa Ryan, Mohammed Hassan, Mohamed Saad, Marcus Jaeger, Caroline Cartwright, Dorian Fuller and Neal Spencer. The biocultural heritage and historical ecology of date palm cultivation in Nubian villages, northern Sudandownload [ 1Mb ]
Meghan E. Strong, Susan Doll, Fakhri Hassan Abdallah, Helen O’Brien, Simone Petacchi, Abagail Breidenstein and Pearce Paul Creasman. (Re)examining the tomb of Queen Yeturow at Nuridownload [ 970k ]

Aaron de Souza. After ‘InBetween’: Disentangling cultural contacts across Nubia during the 2nd millennium BCdownload [ 1.5Mb ]
Rennan Lemos. Heart scarabs and other heart-related objects in New Kingdom Nubiadownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Claudia Näser, Alexandros Tsakos and Jens Weschenfelder. Was the individual buried in MOG012.4 a Christian, a pagan, or both? Evidence for the appropriation of Christianity from a Late Antique-Early Medieval tumulus grave on Mograt Islanddownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Paul T. Nicholson. Sheikh and Melik 1925: A short notedownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Carl Walsh. Skeuomorphism in Kerma metal vessels
download [ 1.6Mb ]

Sudan & Nubia : No. 26
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2022

240 pages
Cover, map, index, book review, end papersdownload [ 12.3Mb ]
Introducing the new Honorary Presidentdownload [ 1.3Mb ]
Obituariesdownload [ 1.6Mb ]

John Taylor. High-status burials in the Napatan Period: cultural interactions between Egypt and Nubiadownload [ 6.4Mb ]

Fred Aldsworth. The Taharqa temple-church at Qasr Ibrim, Egyptdownload [ 48.2Mb ]
Julie Anderson, Salah Mohammed Ahmed and Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Salvage excavations in the Berber-Abidiya Region, 1999: a post-Meroitic single descendary, two-entrance tomb in el-Fereikhadownload [ 7.9Mb ]
Gabrielle Choimet. Building E at Damboya, the third and final seasondownload [ 12.6Mb ]
Jana Eger-Karberg and Tim Karberg. Interregional Linkage Investigations in Northern Kordofan (InterLINK). Report on the first project phase (2017-2022)download [ 6.9Mb ]
Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet Khalid. Personal adornment in the Blue Nile regiondownload [ 13.3Mb ]
Maria Carmela Gatto, Serena Nicolini and Antonio Curci. Surveying the Eastern Desert: new archaeological evidence from Wadi al-Lawi and Wadi Rasras 18 (Aswan-Kom Ombo region)
download [ 13.2Mb ]
Karla Kroeper and Christian Perzlmeier. Preliminary report on excavations at Naga 2020-2022download [ 35.7Mb ]
Marc Maillot and Sébastien Poudroux. The archaeological site of Damboya in the Shendi Reach. Third seasondownload [ 21.5Mb ]
Robert Stark. Old Dongola cemetery excavations: winter 2020 field seasondownload [ 13.9mb ]
Lenka Varadzinová, Ladislav Varadzin, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Katarína Kapustka and Jon-Paul McCool. Excavations at the prehistoric site of Fox Hill in the western part of Jebel Sabaloka (2017–2018)download [ 13.9Mb ]

Maciej Kurcz and Mariusz Drzewiecki. Living on the remains of a medieval capital. Intermingled past and present at Soba
download [ 4.1Mb ]
Christian Perzlmeier. From cult theory to cult practice through excavation: throne pedestals in Nagadownload [ 8Mb ]
Michael Zach. A hotel in modern Dongola and remains from Christian Nubia: the columns of Tabo Temple Church
download [ 12.6Mb ]

Sudan \& Nubia No.27 Sudan & Nubia : No. 27
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2023

308 pages
Cover, maps, index, book reviewsdownload [ 3.9Mb ]
Obituariesdownload [ 2.2Mb ]

Frederik W. Rademakers, Georges Verly, Kylie Cortebeeck, Patrick Degryse, Charles Bonnet and Séverine Marchi. Alloying copper, arsenic and tin – the first crucible evidence from Kerma
download [ 7.5Mb ]

Mahmoud Suliman Bashir. Excavations in the Berber cemetery, the 2022 season and new chance discoveries in the Berber Regiondownload [ 12.3Mb ]
Mohamed Bashir and Claude Rilly. The Meroitic townsite of Kedurma 2023: new findings from the excavations of the cemeterydownload [ 10.4Mb ]
Amanuel Beyin, Ammar Awad M. Abdalla, Fakhri H. Abdallah Hassan and Musaab Khair. Archaeological survey in the Melhab basin (Agig district), Red Sea region of Sudan: report on the 2023 field seasondownload [ 13.7Mb ]
Meredith Brand and Kate Liszka. A desert Middle Nubian amethyst mining camp at Wadi el-Hudidownload [ 9.2Mb ]
Matthieu Honegger and Jérôme Dubosson. A fortified site to defend the Kerma basin before the Egyptian conquestdownload [ 8.4Mb ]
Karla Kroeper and Christian Perzlmeier. Preliminary report on the excavation of Building 1000 at Nagadownload [ 16.8Mb ]
Steve Mills, Stephen Porter, Paul T. Nicholson, Loretta Kilroe and David Buchs. Kerma settlement Site P5, Northern Dongola Reach: report on the 2023 seasondownload [ 14Mb ]
Mohammed Nasreldein, Yahia Fadl Tahir and Ikram Madani Ahmed. Archaeological vegetation mounds in the el-Matas area at the el-Ga’ab depression, Northern Sudan – new discoveries
download [ 5.4Mb ]
Pavel Onderka. The Isis Temple at Wad Ben Naga (WBN 300)download [ 20.6mb ]
Christopher Sevara, Tim Kinnaird, Ahmed El-Ameen Ahmed El-Hassan (Sokhari) and Sam Turner. New work on landscapes of the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 11.3Mb ]
Ladislav Varadzin, Katarína Kapustka and Lenka Varadzinová. Early Neolithic gouges from north-western Butana: new light on contacts between the Nile and its hinterlandsdownload [ 2.7Mb ]

Henry Cosmo Bishop-Wright. Chronology, correspondence analysis, and Lower Nubia in the 3rd century BC: a reassessment of the Meroitic cemetery at Farasdownload [ 5.3Mb ]
Anna Garnett. Replicating prehistoric Sudan: Anthony Arkell’s object castsdownload [ 3.8Mb ]
Loretta Kilroe. Giraffes at Faras – the exchange of goods and ideas across Kushdownload [ 2.4Mb ]
Michael Zach. Following the footprints of a jackal from Meroe to London. The origin of British Museum EA68502download [ 3.1Mb ]

Ashraf Abdalla. We are all for Nyala (KAMAN), South Darfur. A note concerning a local initiative to preserve cultural heritage
download [ 1Mb ]
Ibrahim Musa Mohamed Hamdon. Darfur. Threats and dangers to archaeological sites and possible ways to protect them
download [ 440kb ]
Gafar A. F. Ibrahim. The Centre for Darfuri Heritage at Nyala University: a driver for cultural developmentdownload [ 30.3Mb ]

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